Recent Comments

“Just have to pass on a very positive comment from myself regarding the new group that we have covering our ER at UHD!! I was personally involved in an ER code as a Radiologic Technologist and was VERY impressed how it was handled by the ER Physician himself. He remained calm and decisive and very much in control of the situation. Kudos to this group as we have worked with many of the physicians and have very much appreciated all of them and their ethics and practices in ER medicine. Thank you all very much in making the decision of this group!! So good!!" ~ BH

“On August 13th, Dr. Ballard in the Emergency Department, provided an excellent on site airway lab to our EMS community, to include our in-hospital staff as well. I wanted to express the gratitude that I received from the EMS teams and our ED staff. We had involvement from EMS, ED nursing staff, ED provider staff, resident staff, Dr. Mahn and many more. Dr. Fedko and Dr. Levine also stopped by and got in on the fun. These type of interactions mean so much to our EMS crews in the community and I just wanted to RAVE and say THANK YOU to Dr. Ballard for always fostering a learning environment for EMS personnel." ~ GMF

“I went to the Emergency Room because of severe diarrhea and gastric problems. All the nursing staffing and doctors took excellent care of me for the many hours I was there. They were pleasant, professional, and helpful in all ways. A personal thank you to your staff.” ~NM

“I had a great experience at the ER with Dr. F, about a week ago. He was on top of the situation and had me in and out in about 2 hrs. No complaints. 5 stars.” ~GO

“Dr. B is great. Sooo compassionate!” ~DB