Welcome to Fedko Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers

Who We Are
We are a values-based company driven by providing the best possible patient experience for all those who come to see us. Our physicians remain engaged from all aspects of emergency and hospitalist medicine to stay attuned to changes at each hospital location. We understand that people come to see us at one of the most vulnerable times in their lives, and need to be treated with respect, dignity, and kindness. We only attract and retain the best possible Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers that hold these same values. This standard is the reason we are successful and is reflective in our metrics.
How We Started
The company was formed to help change the industry by bringing together physicians and nurse practitioners, hospital administration, and culture. We want hospital administration to know they don’t have to settle for a poor performing emergency department and inpatient services because there are better solutions. We have the experience and knowledge to make changes in creating a better patient experience.
What distinguishes us from the competition?
  • We are a physician lead organization. Typically those large national staffing firms are owned and operated by an equity firm. The physicians who originally led those organizations are long gone, replaced with financial experts.
  • Nobody is just a number with us. It is important to recruit and retain quality physicians and advanced practice providers. I find it of value to work clinically alongside my peers to set the tone and culture of our company. It really is important to us to change the industry one hospital at a time.
  • No bureaucratic overhead to navigate. We don’t have layers of corporate red-tape to address any concerns. We are only one phone call away to resolution. There is 30-50% Less overhead then our competitors, which allows us to put our resources towards our employees.
  • Size does matter. Our goal is not to be able to staff every hospital in the nation. We know the quality of service is diluted the bigger you get. Our goal is to provide quality services to a manageable amount of emergency departments in hospitals across the nation.

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